Which way to go? Bankruptcy or IVA

A situation of bankruptcy disrupts your life upside down. Many people reach a point in life, where they may be declared bankrupt. There are several repercussions that you have to face because huge unpaid debts do not offer you a smooth getaway. You have to go through a painless exit somehow with the help of IVA debt solutions that have become extremely popular these days. The severe repercussions of bankruptcy are that once you are declared bankrupt, it creates a black spot on your credentials. You may not ever get a loan or mortgage, bank account and mobile contract.  It makes your life difficult, stressful and financially disturbing. Bankruptcy is not only a loss of money but also a loss of self esteem and respect.

What can you do to avoid them? Go back to your past; you may discover that you could have avoided bankruptcy. Firstly, bankruptcy is a result of over-commitments. Do not over-commit yourself in terms of repayment of loans.  You should burden yourself only to such an extent allowing you to lead a smooth and standard life. Secondly, always remember that the future is not in your hands. Unpredictable events can lead you to downfall. Hence, be alert and prepared for such events and save money for the future.

Even after taking the above aspects into consideration, you may still fall into the trap of bankruptcy. For this, you can also seek the support of IVA. The debt solutions are less painful than bankruptcy. They do hurt your credentials, but not for a lifetime. The availability of debt solutions and bankruptcy is not a ticket to commit mistakes. It calls for a bad phase in life. They should always be considered as the last resort when you have nothing in hand and your debts are mounting exponentially. Try to achieve equilibrium in life and manage your funds effectively.  Prioritize your expenses into urgency, needs, desires and luxuries with an effect of your ability to pay. You get lucrative options in life such as buy now-pay later, credit cards and installment facilities that make you feel you can pay in the future. But it does not mean you mess up your life.

IVA gives an option and saves you from drowning into a well. You can avoid bankruptcy by opting for IVA if you are a citizen of England. To know more about debt solutions agreement, you can click on this link http://www.ivaplan.co.uk/. Here, you get an opportunity to repay your debts in accordance with the affordability. The insolvency practitioner, after analyzing your financial assets and source of income, decides upon a monthly affordable payment to be paid for five years to the creditors. For such matters, you also need the approval of the creditors. A proposal is designed by the insolvency practitioner who meets all the creditors and discusses upon the mentioned clauses. Creditors are open to give their suggestions and confirm their approval. If debtor does not give consent to the said changes by the creditors, they would not be incorporated in the agreement. If 75% of the creditors approve the proposal, the agreement is enforced legally.